We can here on October 17th 2016 . We took our dog spaarky to the vet to see why he wasn’t eating or drinking & barely walking . He was already blind as well . So we got into there they welcomed us with big hearts & then the doctor came in & told us that he had a stroke which is why he lost his coordinates to move & part of his brain had damaged from that stroke & that type of stroke the doctor told us is fibrocartilaginous embolism & which caused him to twitch by his neck & he couldn’t stand up or walk on his own . Then we asked well is there anything we can do to help him get better? & the doctor looked at us & said “no , I’m telling youu this because there’s nothing we can do & I believe in life of animals & he shouldn’t suffer more than what he’s already have , so it’s his time to go” . So him being an old 9 or 11 years old pit bull we euthanized him & we are getting his ashes sent to us . What was amazing is that he just looked at him & told us what had happened . All his symptoms happening within a week & just progressively got worse & there was nothing we could do to help him. So he went & took his last breath to be with god around 5pm on October 17th 2016 . It’s the hardest thing we ever had to do . So we spent well over 2 hours with him before he went to sleep forever & after that my sister & I layed with him while he was already up in heaven & we hugged him , kissed him , cried on him too & he was still warm for at least an hour longer & his tongue was getting cold & his body was getting cold & he peed on the blanket at the vets & we knew he was living his happy life all over again. But when we got him he was already 3 months old & I was 9 or 10 & I’m now 20 years old now so he spend a significant amount of my life with our family, so it was so hard & a day later & it still seems that it’s not real . But I know it is , my mind won’t believe it right now ! But this is a great hospital to have your pets checked out

– Logan F.

Fort Caroline and the employees there are the best! They really care for your pet like it was their own! They will work with you to make sure your pet gets the best care possible! When you go to Fort Caroline you have the best team taking care of your baby/babies.

– Tamyra U.

My office is down the street and we found two lost dogs. We called this vet just to let them know we had them in case someone called. The vet’s office offered to scan them for ID chips – we took them over, and they were able to find the dogs’ owner right away! They were just SO nice!

– Kathleen R.

This clinic, overall, is the best. Drs. Athey and Lincoln provide excellent medical treatment and both have wonderful “bedside manners”. I am so paranoid about what I allow to be done with my fur kids. They understand that here, and always do whatever it takes to assure me that my babies are not only being well cared for, but also being loved. I highly recommend Ft. Caroline to anyone out there currently looking for a home vet.

– Linda M.

I have brought all my pets here for years and even though I recently moved out of the neighborhood, I plan to continue bringing them. Everyone treats me and my babies as a part of the family. They not only bring knowledge and experience to each visit but true compassion and consideration.

– Sophia M.

Visited Ft. Caroline Animal Clinic for the first time today, it was the best vet visit that I’ve ever experienced in the 7 1/2 years that I’ve had my min pin. The staff was all very friendly and super nice. We went to get caught up on shots and get a wellness exam. They were quick and thorough with the exam. Shots were very fast and as painless ad they could be. My pup has very high stress and anxiety when we are around people she isn’t comfortable with and they have bandanas that they offer for free with a couple of sprays of Adaptil (pheromones that help calm dogs down). We utilized the offer of the bandana and I noticed a huge change in my dog. She let 2 of the vet techs hold her during shot and allowed them to trim her nail which those activities are usually like wrestling an alligator. Dusty Turner was the main vet tech that we had for our appointment and she was wonderful!! Needless to say I will be recommending Ft. Caroline Animal Clinic to all my Jacksonville friends and family.

– Megan M.

We use Ft. Caroline Animal Clinic for veterinary services and boarding. They are wonderful. In the past few years we have had 2 senior pups that passed away, and the care that they received “near the end” was very considerate. We have a pretty full house of cats and dogs at this point and I am very thankful for Ft. Caroline Animal Clinic.

– Tina W.

For twelve years, we have experienced continued courtesy, care, and compassion. From the front office through out the back office, pets and owners are treated with such respect in a warm and cordial atmosphere.

– Keith B.

We have been with Fort Caroline animal clinic for almost 20 years. These folks are great. The vets are first class, but equally important are the staff; they evaluate your needs, and get your pet in quickly as needed. Best animal clinic in Jacksonville.

– John L.

The doctors and staff are simply great. Only waited a few minutes before going into exam room. Staff and doctor answered all my questions thoroughly. They really show affection to the animals that they treat.

– Karen H.

Everyone at this location is friendly and seems to care about the well being of your pet and your concerns. I have only been going there for a short time but can actually see myself using them for all of my pet needs.

– Loretta L.