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Summer Safety

Cookout season is in full force, I smell steak or chicken or cheeseburgers on the grill in my neighborhood almost every night! And if I am smelling it, that means our dogs are too! The smell of the grill can be a huge summer safety issue for dogs and even adventurous cats – so please keep the following pet safety tips in mind:

  • Keep charcoal, lighters, and fluid away from pets!
  • Citronella isn’t considered pet safe in large quantities so make sure to keep those candles out of your pets reach!
  • No alcohol for pets!
  • Table scraps are not a good idea!
  • Keep an eye on the grease trap, it is a favorite place for pets to lick and we see a lot of upset tummies because of it! Hot grease is also a burn danger!

I have also noticed that people are gearing up early for 4th of July – we’ll post hints and tips in a couple of weeks regarding the 4th – but don’t hesitate to call us if you feel your pet needs a sedative to help deal with the noise! We are here to help!

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