Parking here at the Fort can be challenging on our busy days.

Please feel free to double park behind the last three cars located at the end of the building on the Fort Caroline side. This is where our staff normally parks, and we won’t mind being blocked in!

We also have a small driveway off of Cesery Blvd. that leads towards our fenced in area.

You may park in this driveway, or in the spots available off of the driveway, at any time. We do not have a designated handicap spot, however we will be happy to reserve one for you! Please call prior to your appointment and we will reserve a spot. This spot will be marked with a Reserved Sign and an Orange Traffic Cone. If you need a wheel chair ramp, we have a portable ramp that we will be happy to have in place for you. We will be happy to help you in anyway we can. Never hesitate to ask!