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Heartworm Disease in Dogs and Cats

5 Facts About Heartworm Disease


Heartworm Disease is a year-round issue.

Often, we hear from clients, especially those that come from areas that have hard freezes and cold winters that they only use heartworm prevention in the summer months. The American Heartworm Society recommends heartworm prevention be used in both dogs and cats year-round. Their motto is “Think 12” – 12 months of complete protection.

Heartworm Disease is everywhere, in every neighborhood, and in all states.

Mosquitoes don’t differentiate between what we might think of as a good breeding ground or a bad one. Whether it is a swimming pool or spa, or an old tire or birdbath – it’s a good place for mosquitoes to breed. And any place where mosquitoes can breed is a place where a dog can contract heartworms.

Even inside dogs (and cats) can contract heartworm disease.

If your pet is inside only, they are still at risk. It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito for your pet to become heartworm positive, and about 25% of cats that are positive were considered indoor-only pets.

There are no natural remedies for heartworm prevention.

he only products that have been proven to protect your pet from Heartworm Disease are those that are sold by veterinarians. There are no over the counter, homeopathic or home remedies that will protect your pet from Heartworm Disease. The products that we carry are backed by our clinic as well as the manufactured of the product. If your pet did contract heartworms while on a prevention that was purchased, any treatment would be covered by the manufacturer.

Heartworm Prevention is Affordable!

Often our clients are on a budget and are concerned about the monthly cost of heartworm prevention. We offer several solutions to fit every budget. Our monthly heartworm prevention products start as low as $6.00 per monthly dose.

Did you know cats can get heartworm disease?

Did you know that Cats can get Heartworm Disease just like dogs can? For the rest of March and April, we are going to be discussing Heartworm Disease as well as running specials on Heartworm Prevention for both dogs and cats!

Here are a few quick facts about Heartworm Disease in Cats:

  • Heartworm disease in cats is very similar to heartworm disease in dogs. Both are caused by Diroflaria immitis, which is transmitted by mosquitoes. An infected mosquito must bite cats in order to be infected by the parasite. These are the same mosquitoes that bite you and me.
  • Diagnosis can be difficult in cats. Common snap tests detect an antigen present in the blood, this antigen is only produced by female heart worms. This is not an issue with dogs, who have 30+ worms consisting of male and female worms, but cats actually do not have as many worms as dogs so testing is not as accurate. If the cat was infected with only male worms the test would be negative even with a serious infection. Unlike with dogs, there are no common treatments for heartworm disease in cats. This is why PREVENTION is very important.
  • Positive cats with clinical signs should have x-rays of the chest performed. Positive cats should also be started on a product like Revolution long term, which is also one of the products that we recommend for both flea and heartworm prevention in cats. We also carry a heartworm and intestinal parasite product called Heartgard for our feline friends.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more – just give us a call at 904-744-1100!

We want your pet to be happy and healthy!

Part of that process is a monthly heartworm preventative and annual heartworm testing.

Current Specials:

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Triheart Plus – $6 off of 6 doses or $12 off of 12 doses (processed through a rebate)

Proheart Injection – A 6-month injection for dogs only that protects against heartworms, starting at $26.50 and going up to $66.75 depending on the weight of the dog.

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