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Happy & Healthy Kitties

This month we are celebrating Happy Healthy Cats – Bring any cat in for an exam between now and Nov. 15th and receive a free tube of Revolution Flea and Heartworm prevention!

Must mention code PURRR to receive the offer!

Here are a few tips to keep your kitty happy and healthy:

Visit the veterinarian.
“There are dozens of great reasons why cat owners should take their pet to see their veterinarian regularly,” says Kevin Vasquez, Chairman, CEO, and President of Henry Schein Animal Health. “As a leading partner with the veterinary medical community, we know that the veterinarian is the strongest advocate an owner could have to help ensure the happiness and wellness of our cats. If you love your pet, see your vet.”

Come and see us! We offer free samples of Feliway products to help your feline friend be a little calmer during their visit to the vet. Stop in and pick up a Feliway sample wipe, or ask for your pet’s blanket to be sprayed when you arrive.

Provide preventive medications.
No one likes fleas, ticks, mites or heartworms, especially your cat. Even if your cat is kept strictly indoors, they can still be attacked by these little creepy creatures. Talk with your veterinarian about the best preventive plan for your cat. A parasite-free cat is a happy cat—and preventive care will keep your family healthier, too.

Revolution is a great preventive medication that will protect your cat against fleas, mites, and heartworms. This product is currently on special: buy 6 get 2 free! Call today for more information!

Work for food.
Feline obesity is a huge problem in this country (not to make a pun), and one way to combat it is to make cats work for their food. Food toys are available to channel a cat’s natural hunting instincts. The toy releases kibble in small amounts. Another option is to hide a cat’s food in different places so that they have to find it. Working for food makes a cat happy because it’s great physical and mental exercise.

If your cat has a weight issue, we have Purina certified weight loss coaches on staff that can help you create a customized weight loss program for your pet. Just give us a call! This service is offered complimentary!

Microchip your cat.
In addition to a collar and identification tag, owners should ask their veterinarian about microchipping their feline friend. If a cat ever escapes or gets lost, having this type of permanent ID will make a reunion between you and your pet much more likely.

We offer microchipping through HomeAgain. Microchipping is $55 and includes lifetime registration! The cost of the microchip is discounted to $45 during surgery.

Provide toys.
One of the easiest ways to make a cat happy is with a new toy. Every cat has a preference as to what type of toy it likes best, and experimenting with different kinds will be fun for both you and your cat.

Just be sure that the toys you choose are cat safe! No loose strings or plastic pieces that they can swallow!

Train together.
Cats are smart and can be trained to do fun tricks–the mental and physical stimulation is great for felines. Teaching your cat to sit, for example, is easy, and training your cat to sit on chairs instead of counters will make you and your cat much happier. An added bonus is that training will strengthen the bond between you and your feline buddy.

You can even train your cat to use the toilet! Want more information? Check out this YouTube video:

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