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Happy Fall!

We are so excited that Autumn is finally in the air! These cooler temps have been amazing! Have you been spending more time outside? We know that we have! November has some awesome pet-related holidays to celebrate! Take a Hike Day is a “cool” one to make sure you enjoy the outdoors with your dog or your cat! Not sure about walking your cat? Check out this Facebook post we shared a couple of weeks ago on leash training your cat!

With the arrival of Fall and increased outdoor time. there a few safety hazards of which we want to make you aware:

  1. Grills and fire-pits: Most people seem to start grilling in Spring, but I know for my family, we tend to fire up the grill in Fall when the temps start to drop. Make sure your pets are not left unattended around the grill. Grease from your grill is one of those sneaky dangers! It can cause your dog or cat to have digestive issues and burns. We also use our fire pit and even roasted marshmallows the other night – again we want to caution you to keep your pet away from the fire pit as burns are a danger. If you roast marshmallows or other foods over the open flame – be extra careful and keep your pets back away from the fire.
  2. Mushrooms: According to the ASPCA “Fall is one of the high seasons for mushrooms. While 99% of mushrooms have little or no toxicity, the 1% that are highly toxic can cause life-threatening problems in pets. Since most toxic mushrooms are difficult to distinguish from nontoxic ones, the best way to prevent pets from ingesting these poisonous plants is to keep them away from areas where any mushrooms are growing.”
  3. Candy and other sweet treats: Halloween may have passed, but this is the start of the sweet treat season. Sugar in any form isn’t good for your pets and common ingredients like chocolate and raisins can be toxic. Please keep all candy and other yummy goodness away from your pets. If you want to do something special for your pet – go for a walk instead and only give pet-safe treats in moderation.
  4. Thanksgiving dinner: No dinner plates for the dogs! Even a small bite may be enough to upset your pet’s tummy and foods that are higher in fat can cause pancreatitis. This can be expensive to treat and cause serious issues. It is better to just steer clear of feeding table scraps to your pets.
  5. Rodenticide: As the temperature starts to drop many people amp up their pest control. Although most products on the market now are “safer” for pets, you do not want to allow your pet access to any rodenticide. Your pet can be poisoned from rodenticide from direct ingestion or from eating a deceased rodent that ingested rodenticide. For more information check out this article!

Although we listed a few scary dangers above, fall can be a great time for Floridians to get out and exercise their pets. We hope you take advantage of this beautiful weather with some fun outdoor days for your pet!

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