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Dental Month is Here and a Love Story

Dental Month is here! Have you made an appointment for your pet?

We are offering:

  • Complimentary Dental Evaluations
  • $25 off dental procedures over $200
  • 50% off dental kits, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.

Our Favorite Kind of Love Story

With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would share a story which will leave your heart feeling “warm fuzzies.”

In October 2018, a Good Samaritan came into our clinic after finding a young dog who had clearly been suffering from neglect. This sweet little pup was severely malnourished, leaving her weighing about half what she should. Not only that, but she was so covered in fleas that she had flea anemia which resulted in a heart murmur. She also was loaded with intestinal parasites and ear mites and had a urinary tract infection. This dog was one of the worst cases of neglect we have seen in a long time.

Our team swooped into action and immediately bathed her with a medicated shampoo to rid her of her fleas and soothe her infected skin. She was also treated for the multiple parasites which she had and force-fed (yes, she was too weak to eat on her own) a prescription diet. While everyone on our team could see this little girl was a fighter and was rooting for her recovery, our technician, James, took a special interest in her. Gifting her the very regal name, “Khalessi,” James decided to foster her while nursing her back to health. For the first several days, she was so weak that she was not even able to stand or walk on her own. Over the next few weeks, Khalessi was fed multiple meals daily, given iron supplements, antibiotics, flea and heartworm medications. Gradually she got her strength back and started gaining weight.

It didn’t take long for James to realized that Khalessi had a few quirks. She was extremely reluctant to enter doorways and had severe social anxiety. She was definitely behaving like a dog who had never lived inside a house before. Under James’ loving care, Khalessi has transformed into a completely different dog. She has doubled her weight (going from an original 11 pounds to now over 20)! To be honest, she is becoming a bit pudgy. *:) happy With her flea anemia being resolved, she no longer has a heart murmur. She has an amazingly energetic personality which puts a smile on all our faces. She now lives and plays daily with her BFF (Mae, a pit bull) and her frenemy (Vincent, a cat), along with her “furever dad,” James. We love a story with a happy ending!

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